We are a Podiatric foot care clinic. Our approach is always to try and resolve foot ailments conservatively, leaving surgical intervention as a last resort. We are located in Hillsdale (by Oregon Health Sciences University), and Downtown Portland, Oregon (on 10th and Alder).  Dr. Tillett is the only Podiatric physician on the Oregon Health Sciences University Health Plan.

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive foot and ankle care. We specialize in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of foot and ankle disorders. Conservative and surgical options are always provided. We commonly treat fractures, bunions, hammer toes, heel pain, ingrown nails, wounds, injuries, diabetic foot care, acute and chronic pain, sports medicine and virtually any ailment afflicting the foot and ankle. Our goal is to work with you (our patient) to discern what is best for you, and then provide the highest quality of care in an affordable and caring manner.

We pride ourselves in working with some of the finest clinicians and specialists in the area. Because of that, it allows us to help our patients receive the most comprehensive medical care – both diagnostically, and in the complexity of care.  The care that we give our patients, whether it be conservative or surgical in nature, utilizes the vast resources of the local medical community.  We have identified and prudently utilize the best medical professionals to extend the scope of our care in medical, surgical and rehabilitative treatment. Our reputation in the community is a direct result of our efforts to stay up to date with the most current treatments, and providing personalized care and treatment.  We love what we do and I am confident it shows in our care.

Thank you, 

Dr. Steve Tillett

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